a revolutionary material you can affix to any existing flat surface

The material is friendly to the environment, without chemical glue, simple to attach, remove and reuse, easy to clean and does not leave residue glue marks.

InspireCLING offers creative and efficient solutions for the design and branding of surfaces for a wide range of needs: architectural branding on office walls, quality wallpaper and design in hotels, events, branding for photo shoots or even a plaster ceiling design in a banquet hall for an elegant wooden ceiling – basically if you thrive on creativity as we do - you will love this product. The opportunities are endless!

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InspireCLING is the perfect solution for any surface you want to cover in order to design and deliver your brand’s marketing message, even on floors, countertops, vehicles, and fabrics. Our advantages:

  • Branding can take place on any surface, matching the brand to the existing surface
  • Attaches to any smooth surface
  • Suitable for wrapping around tables
  • Simple and easy to apply and to remove
  • Removal without worry of glue residue and damages to the surface

InspireCLING is part of the inspire group of companies and offers graphic design, event production services, high quality printing and professional installation services.

Among the clients who have relied on us for many years are leading brands, museums, public companies, councils, government offices, hospitals, universities, architects and designers, event producers, media and more

For more information contact InspireCling on 020 8343 4884 or email


InspireCling WALK can be used for short to midterm applications. The material is applicable on various outdoor surfaces. The foil consists of a dimension stable film with a textured resilient surface. The reverse side is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive covered by a removable liner. The product provides a resilient, durable, slip resistant surface for a large variety of applications. The foil is characterized by an extremely secure and slip resistant surface, a chemical resistance and longevity. Moreover, the quick and easy portable product is extremely foot friendly. The waterproof adhesive and the therewith associated durability of the foil guarantee a versatile usability.

  • Extremely secure with its slip-resistant surface
  • Can be cut to shape
  • Robust against abrasion
  • No lamination required

For more information contact InspireCling on 020 8343 4884 or email