INSPIRECLING can be easily removed without leaving traces on the surface and is intended for multiple use, even after prolonged storage. The material is patent protected and the company holds the usage rights in both Europe and Israel. The natural material can be placed on any type of signage or advertisement whether at the point of sale or on shelves, refrigerators, walls and office windows.

INSPIRECLING is ideal for warehouses, museums, floors, countertops, vehicles, and fabrics. In fact, INSPIRECLING is the perfect solution for any surface you want to cover in order to design and deliver your brand’s marketing message. INSPIRECLING's advantages:

  • Branding can take place on any surface, matching the brand to the existing surface
  • Attaches to any smooth surface
  • Suitable for wrapping around tables
  • Simple and easy to apply and to remove
  • Removal without worry of glue residue and damages to the surface

The surface will be left without marks and will be clean after removal – hence Why glue, if you can attach?

Many brands are limited in their ability to create contact and communication at their point of sale. In order to strengthen the brand and deliver the appropriate messages to their target audience, companies invest huge sums, time and creative thinking. We offer you a full and perfect solution to deliver brand and marketing messages where they will have the biggest impact and boost your sales and also allow for interactive marketing and brand awareness campaigns to be created

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InspireCling Walk can be used for short to midterm applications. The material is applicable on various outdoor surfaces. The foil consists of a dimension stable film with a textured resilient surface. The reverse side is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive covered by a removable liner. The product provides a resilient, durable, slip resistant surface for a large variety of applications. The foil is characterized by an extremely secure and slip resistant surface, a chemical resistance and longevity. Moreover, the quick and easy portable product is extremely foot friendly. The waterproof adhesive and the therewith associated durability of the foil guarantee a versatile usability.

  • Extremely secure with its slip-resistant surface
  • Can be cut to shape
  • Robust against abrasion
  • No lamination required

For more information contact INSPIRECLING on 020 8343 4884 or email